Today’s Specials- Tuesday, May 19th 2020

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have some mouth watering specials in store for you today. Reminder, we have gift cards for purchase as gifts for a friend or to yourself. Make sure you call and place your order over the phone for pickup, curbside pickup or check us out on Grubhub. Remember to wear your masks for pickup per state requirements and for the safety of our staff as well as those around you. Keep the smiles and orders coming because your support is critical in keeping our doors open! Get outside, enjoy the sunshine and have a great day

Hot Special- Chipotle Chicken and Black Bean Quesadilla-Choice of seasoned chicken or vegetarian Gardein chicken, shredded cheese, black beans, chipotle sauce and cilantro served w/ fresh pico de gallo, guacamole and fresh fried corn tortilla chips $9.99 *vegetarian option available

Tot Special- Loaded Garbage Tots- Tater tots, mac salad, meat sauce, shredded cheese, onions and mustard $8.99

Half Sandwich and Soup Special- Ham and Pineapple Swiss Melt- Ham, Swiss cheese, grilled pineapple, spinach, thin red onion and spicy sriracha mayo w/ a cup of soup $6.99

Homemade soups-
Vegetable lentil (v)
Lemon chicken and broccoli


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